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Qualification Requirements

National Board

To become a National Board Review Team Leader, the candidate must meet the requirements of NB-290, Qualification of National Board Team Leaders and National Board Representatives. A candidate for National Board Review Team Leader must successfully complete the National Board RTL Training Course. Candidates may review NB-343, Body of Knowledge for a description of the type of information and knowledge needed to successfully complete this course. In addition, the candidate must complete NB-294, Application for NEW Issuance of National Board Review Team Leader/Representative.



To become an ASME Review Team Leader, the candidate must comply with the requirements of ASME’s Standard Qualification Criteria for Designees for Accreditation and Product Certification Activities. A candidate must also complete the following application forms: Exhibit 1, Application Form for ASME Designee, Exhibit 2, Record of Qualification for ASME Designee, and Checklist for the Candidate for Qualification as an ASME Designee.