Development Server

Jurisdictional Reporting System (JRS)

Built by the industry for the industry, JRS streamlines and supports the entire boiler and pressure vessel safety workflow into a centralized system.

JRS Inspect

This system supports inservice inspection workflows for jurisdictions, insurance carriers, and inspection companies by standardizing forms and data capture when working across multiple jurisdictions and supporting the entire inservice inspection workflow from permitting to issuance of the certificate of operation.

JRS Register

Formerly known as Electronic Data Transfer (EDT), JRS Register is the product that manufacturers, repair companies, and Authorized Inspection Agencies (AIAs) use to register manufacturer data reports and repair reports with NBBI.

Read more about JRS in the summer 2022 edition of the BULLETIN.

If you have questions, please email Mark Mooney, NBBI Director of Operations - Software and Services, JRS, at