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Certified Individuals

A Certified Individual is an employee of an American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certified organization authorized to use ASME marks (Certificate Holder). The Certified Individual provides oversight to ensure that each application of the ASME certification mark is in accordance with the applicable ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME BPV Code) Section. Further information is described in NB-383, Rules for Certified Individuals.


Certification Types
The following types of certifications are specified by the ASME BPV Code/ASME Standard. Each certification type has a corresponding National Board online training course to be completed as part of the criteria for becoming a Certified Individual.
Certified Individual Type ASME BPV Code Section / ASME Standard
Bioprocessing Equipment (BPE) ASME Standard BPE
Cast Iron Boilers (CIB) Section IV
Cast Aluminum Boilers (CAB) Section IV
Electric Boilers (EB) Section I, B31.1
Miniature Pressure Vessels (UM) Section VIII, Div. 1
Pressure Relief Devices (PRD)
HV Designator
Section IV
Pressure Relief Devices (PRD)
UD Designator
Section VIII, Div. 1
Pressure Relief Devices (PRD)
UV Designator
Section VIII, Div. 1
Pressure Relief Devices (PRD)
V Designator
Section I
Reinforced Thermoset Plastic (RTP) ASME Standard RTP-1



The Certificate Holder is responsible for qualifying the Certified Individual and for maintaining records containing objective evidence of the qualification and training program provided. Certified Individual qualifications include the following three (3) elements.
  • ASME BPV Code / ASME Standards Requirements
    The candidate must have knowledge of the requirements of the applicable section of the ASME BPV Code or ASME Standard for the application of the appropriate Code Certification Mark/Designator.
  • Quality Program Knowledge
    The candidate must have a working knowledge of the Certificate Holder’s quality program. The Certificate Holder is responsible for providing Quality Program training.
  • Product Knowledge
    The candidate must have training appropriate for the scope, complexity or special nature of the products/activities for which oversight is to be provided. The Certificate Holder is responsible for providing the Product Knowledge training.

National Board’s Role – ASME BPV Code Training
In the certification process, the National Board provides a training course for each certification type. It includes a corresponding examination to determine the individual’s general knowledge of the applicable certification type. Documentation showing the successful completion of the training course and the examination results are provided to the individual.
The selection of Certified Individual online courses may be found in the Education Center's Online Training Catalog.
Individuals are required to complete and pass the appropriate National Board Certified Individual online training course. The Certificate Holder is responsible for submitting a completed Certified Individual Online Application to the National Board.
Upon receipt of the Online Application, the National Board will issue a Certified Individual card and certificate. The certificate will be prepared by the National Board but must be signed by an authorized representative of the Certificate Holder.

Continuation of Certification

Each Certified Individual card expires annually on June 30. To remain active, the Certified Individual must maintain employment with the ASME-BPV certified organization, must maintain proficiency by performing the duties of a Certified Individual and must meet the continuing education requirements of NB-383, Rules for Certified Individuals. The Certified Individual Renewal Assessments are available via the National Board's Education Center. Log into the Education Center now.

Program Fees: New Applicant

Certified Individual Online Code Knowledge Training Course
Tuition: $100 USD

Program Application (includes Certificate and Card)
Fee: $45 USD


Program Fees: Credential Renewal

Certified Individual Online Renewal Assessment (required once every two years)
Fee: $30 USD

Application for Renewal
Fee: $45 USD


Help Desk
For questions about the qualification process for Certified Individuals, please contact Jeanne Bock,