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Commissioned Inspectors

A National Board commissioned inspector is an individual who has met the education, experience, employment, and examination requirements as outlined in 2021 Edition of NB-263, RCI-1, Rules for Commissioned Inspectors
The National Board has developed two separate commissions: the National Board Inservice Commission (IS) and the National Board Authorized Inspector Commission (AI).
  • The National Board Inservice Commission (IS) is issued to individuals who have been qualified to perform inspections related to installation and inservice; that is, the jurisdictionally required periodic inspections of boilers and pressure vessels that are in operation.

  • The National Board Authorized Inspector Commission (AI) is issued to individuals who have been qualified to perform inspections of boilers and pressure vessels as required by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code (ASME BPV Code).
Upon successful completion of all the requirements, each candidate will be issued a Certificate and a Commission Card. The Commission Card must be renewed annually.
A new edition of RCI-1 is planned for every two years, with the next edition becoming mandatory July 1, 2023.
The Committee on Qualifications for Inspection is responsible for maintaining and revising RCI-1. The Committee meets regularly to consider revisions to existing requirements and to formulate new requirements.
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