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Submission Guidelines

Print Date: 6/25/2024 2:13:35 AM

Writer’s Guidelines for the National Board BULLETIN
Thank you for your interest in contributing to the National Board BULLETIN. The BULLETIN welcomes article submissions appealing to a wide range of professionals in the boiler and pressure vessel industry. The viewpoints of engineers, manufacturers, scientists, inspectors, and users are sought on all aspects of boilers, pressure vessels, parts, and appurtenances, with an emphasis on safety, standards, codes, qualifications, rules, and regulations. To be considered for publication, please review the following guidelines.

Topics of Interest
The National Board is interested in publishing technical, tutorial, and application articles through topics related to the organization’s objectives and which promote:
Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, issues relative to the safe operation, maintenance, construction, repair, testing, installation, instrumentation, and inspection of boiler and pressure vessels; safety valves and other unit components; testing codes and standards; risks and reliability; and training. Complete articles range 500-2,000 words. 
Presentations of a commercial or promotional nature will not be considered.

Submission Policy
Please submit an abstract or summary of the proposed article (English, 350 words max), along with a brief bio of the author(s) in a Word document via email to Kelley Youman at:

Or mail to:
          The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors
          Attention: Publications Editor
          1055 Crupper Avenue
          Columbus, OH 43229
Proposed articles should be original work and should not be previously published. Please indicate if the article is being simultaneously submitted to other publications. Accompanying graphics, charts, or pictures should be attached separately as .jpeg or .tif files at a minimum 300 dpi resolution.
All submissions are reviewed by National Board technical staff. Submission does not guarantee publication.
A complete article and/or graphics may be included with the abstract, but is not required. National Board will request the completed article if interested in the story. Please allow 2-6 weeks for a response.
Once the article is reviewed, changes – if necessary – will be recommended. Mutually acceptable changes between the author and National Board will be made.
Unless previously agreed upon in writing, all material published in the BULLETIN becomes copyrighted property of The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors. This material may be reprinted only with written permission from the National Board Public Affairs Department and proper attribution.
After publication, National Board is pleased to provide complimentary copies of the BULLETIN at the author’s request.
Prospective contributors are encouraged to read recent issues of the BULLETIN before submitting. Past issues can be accessed electronically here.

Writing Tips